Jewelry casting resin compatibility 3d printing

Jewelry casting resin compatibility 3d printing

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3D print jewelry casting resin, also known as 3D printing jewelry resin, is a specific type of resin designed for use in 3D printing processes to create jewelry models or master patterns for casting. It is essential for jewelry makers who use 3D printers as part of their manufacturing process, as it allows them to produce intricate and detailed jewelry designs with relative ease.


  1. 3D Printing Compatibility: This resin is specifically formulated to be compatible with SLA (Stereolithography) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing technologies. These printers use UV light to cure the resin layer by layer, resulting in highly detailed 3D-printed objects.

  2. High Resolution: Jewelry casting resins for 3D printing offers high precision and resolution, allowing jewelry makers to produce intricate designs with fine details.

  3. Smooth Surface Finish: The resins are formulated to yield a smooth surface finish, which is important for creating jewelry models with high-quality aesthetics.

  4. Burnout Properties: One of the essential characteristics of 3D print jewelry casting resin is its ability to burn out cleanly during the casting process. After the 3D printed resin model is used to create a mold, the resin should burn out without leaving any residues or ash, ensuring a clean cavity for casting the final jewelry piece.

  5. Low Shrinkage: Similar to regular jewelry casting resin, 3D print jewelry casting resin should have minimal shrinkage during curing to maintain accurate dimensions in the final printed model.

Wax ratio
The wax ratio will affect the jewelry casting process requirements and post-cure steps. You should choose the suitable version related to your machine and casting acknowledgment.

Standard wax ratio resin(30~40%):

  1. After forming, the surface hardness is higher, and it is easier to observe details
  2. Casting is more difficult than high wax ratio resin
  3. Recommended for experts with good casting experience

High wax ratio resin(50~60%):

  1. The hardness after molding is lower than the standard wax ratio resin
  2. Casting difficulty is lower than the standard wax ratio resin
  3. It is recommended that practitioners with certain casting experience use it

White wax resin(85~90%):

  1. The same hardness as high wax ratio resin after molding
  2. Post-processing is easier than high-wax ratio resin, and the casting easier than standard wax ratio resin and high-wax ratio resin.
  3. It is recommended for users who know less about casting experience
  4. Oxygen concentrator Print is needed

Jewelry makers can use 3D print jewelry casting resin to create intricate prototypes and master models that can be used in various jewelry manufacturing techniques, including lost-wax casting. Once the 3D printed model is ready, it serves as a master pattern for creating molds into which molten metal or other materials are poured to produce the final jewelry piece.

It's crucial to use the appropriate settings and parameters for your specific 3D printer and resin type to achieve the best results. Also, keep in mind that each 3D printer and resin brand might have its characteristics and recommended curing methods, so always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal performance.

Jewelry casting process
About the process of jewelry casting. If you don't familiar with this, please refer to this 
Quick Guide

Jewelry Casting Resin Technical File
TDS-GratKit Jewelry Casting Resin

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